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Jared Michael Hobgood

Jared Michael Hobgood passed away on 12/5/13. He was an amazing spirit and a very gifted musician. He will be missed by all who knew him. We have set up a memorial page, please stop by and leave a note or a memory.

Jared Michael Hobgood Memorial Page

Jared Michael Hobgood Obituary

Irish Kevin's

Biography: Jared Michael Hobgood (a.k.a. JMH, Mojito Joe) was born in Evansville, IN. His first paid gig was doing dinner theatre when he was 12. At 13 he learned to play guitar and at 16 he was playing in bars before he even supposed to be in them-- quickly discovering they never card the entertainment. After a couple of years playing clubs around the Lake Barkley area of Kentucky, he played the Ann Arbor area (while attending the University of Michigan) including the folk club "The Ark", a venue which featured musicians like Ritchie Havens and Chrissie Hynde. Read complete bio here Jared Michael Hobgood Bio.

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