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Adrienne has been writing songs and performing her music since she was 13 years old. During her College years at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she studied film scoring, she was sought after by students to record her music in the state of the art Berklee Recording Studios and soon began performing at not only coffee houses and clubs, but also the streets and subways of the Boston area. There was nothing else she desired to do, but perform and write music. After producing her first solo album, her song, "Over board" became the most requested song on Boston radio station WERS that year. The following year she produced her second record, "Dust into Dawn," was nominated for a Boston Music Award and had a feature article in Boston Women Magazine. Adrienne's third solo recording, "Looking Within Looking Without," gained her industry interest, heavy airplay on college radio, and a feature article in SongTalk, a nationwide newspaper published by the National Academy of Songwriter's. There was nothing else she desired to do, but perform and write music. Her last solo performance before forming the band AYE was to a "standing room only crowd" at the famous Club Passim in Harvard Square, Cambridge. She had performed in nearly every club around Boston as well as at colleges and festivals in the area. Adrienne, having met solo artist Marsia Shuron Harris, decided it was time for a change. The two of them put their diverse musical talents together and decided to venture to Key West Florida to perform in the duo In the band, AYE, the duo received numerous amounts of favorable press from Vermont, down to Key West Florida. Their CD, "Sweet Life" was chosen as one of the top 10 albums of 2000 in The Greenfield Recorder. Having spent many years working together, the two women of AYE decided it was time to pursue other projects once again. Adrienne ventured back down to the Florida Keys, teamed up with David Tortolano, and together they formed the band Injade, performing live, writing music, and recording in Tortolano's recording studio Cosmo Recording. Injade's album, "Shortcut to the Playground" is currently in the works and will soon be released. Adrienne also performs solo regularly and is choosing the songs for her fourth solo CD which will include the many unrecorded songs she has written over the years. Besides performing and writing, Adrienne has worked in professional studios both arranging and singing on radio commercials, and various CD projects including backing vocals for Atlantic recording artist Martin Sexton.

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